Accompanying The Shadowboxing Woman

On Görlitzer Park

The railway station Görlitzer Bahnhof was in Kreuzberg, the southeastern-most corner of West Berlin. The station building was demolished in the late 1980s, as it was no longer in use. For a time, the site was an unofficial park with a tunnel cutting underneath it. People held impromptu gatherings and sought shelter from the police there during the first of May riots that began around the same time.

Now the site is an official park, on summer weekends spilling over with friends and families holding barbecues, playing football or just splashing in puddles like when we went there. A bridge links to the former East Berlin borough of Treptow, and the remains of the pedestrian tunnel are still visible. A few former railway outhouses have recently been converted to cafés and venues.

The strange amphitheatre-like construction on the hill is all that’s left of an attempt to recreate the Pamukkale terraces in Turkey, a tribute to Kreuzberg’s many Turkish residents.


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