Accompanying The Shadowboxing Woman

On Plänterwald

Plänterwald, a wooded area on the edge of the River Spree, was the site of an amusement park from 1969 to 2002. The big wheel in the photos actually dates back to the GDR, and was still in working order in 2009.

The park was privatized in 1991, when it was sold to the current owner. He added new attractions but went bankrupt in 2001. The owner shipped a number of the rides to Lima, and was then caught attempting to smuggle 167 kilos of cocaine back to Germany inside one of them in 2003.  He was arrested and imprisoned in Germany but has since been released, while his son is still serving a long prison sentence in Peru.

The park has been closed since 2002, although many people have entered the site and photographed the bizarre scenes of plastic dinosaurs, abandoned rides and tumbledown buildings surrounded by trees and long grass. Until a few weeks before we went there, the public could visit the site for guided tours every weekend.


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