Accompanying The Shadowboxing Woman


Because I fell in love with The Shadowboxing Woman – before, during and after translating the novel.

Because Berlin is very much one of the characters.

Because Inka Parei writes in exquisite detail, and I wanted to share some visual impressions of that detail.

Because the novel is partly about change – and Berlin has changed hugely since the early 1990s, when most of it is set.

Because I hope you’ll love The Shadowboxing Woman too.

You’ll notice that the photos don’t quite match up with the quotes from the novel. That’s deliberate – because nearly twenty years have passed since the fictional events it describes took place. I hope that will help you to savour the slightly disjointed feeling that translating The Shadowboxing Woman gave me.

Katy Derbyshire, Berlin, November 2010.


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